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Life today keeps us running an endless race—faster, faster, and faster. It demands a pace that rarely allows humans to maintain their best in the mental health department. What to do?

Peaceful Hearts Counseling Services offers counseling for problems resulting from this fast-paced lifestyle. Linda Easter, M.A., a Licensed Professional Counselor and owner of Peaceful Hearts, offers a listening ear and good therapeutic suggestions. She works with a variety of today’s mental health stressors, including depression, anxiety, grief and loss, self-esteem, anger management, self-control, life transition, aging, parenting, divorce, family-of-origin, and marriage and family relationship issues. Therapy with Peaceful Hearts incorporates mind, emotion, physical, and spiritual aspects to help people examine their problems in a holistic way. Peaceful Hearts also offers EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) to help desensitize the trauma of traumatic memories.

Booking Info for Concerts/Seminars

Book Linda Easter for a concert and/or seminar. Concerts/seminars can include interesting stories, comedy snippits, inspirational tidbits, Bible teaching, signed songs, and both original and other gospel songs for good, clean entertainment.

Concerts can be booked for one-half to one hour and seminar/speaking engagements can meet your needs for a one-hour program to a weekend retreat. Check on Linda Easter’s availability by calling 610-562-1810 or emailing .





Linda Easter's debut CD Constantly Abiding.

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